Egyptian Goddess Isis Serpent Dance with her golden python " Golden Rubie's " and this is the baby snake

Flavella’s stunning performances are extremely popular and versatile for all types of events.

From mix and mingle at private parties to corporate functions, gala dinners, birthdays,
wedding and hens nights.

Stage shows, variety, cabaret,  burlesque shows, circus sideshows, exhibition openings and cultural festivals.

As well as themed evenings,  

1920s 1930s, Moroccan, Arabian Nights, Moulin Rouge, Burlesque, Bollywood, Jungle and Masquerade.

Tailor the show to suit your event!

 Choose from a five minute spot for a variety show,
or a fifteen minute showpiece for corporate entertainment or Roving entertainment. 

egyptian show

Egyptian Goddess Isis Serpent Dance Spectacular!

Surprise your guests with an enchanting, elegant, fully choreographed stage show as Serpent Dancer Flavella L’Amour performs her Royal Egyptian Goddess Isis Serpent Dance.

Flavella begins her alluring performance with glittering gold Isis’s wings fully opened, a sight that is spectacular to behold!

Flavella will have you mesmerized by her fluid serpentine movement, in a divine and ancient dance of mysteries & sensuality.

Entwined with her majestic serpents the protectors of life and the after-life.

Flavella dances with up to three strikingly colourful snakes slithering around her body!

“The final dance by Flavella had the audience captured with a piece de resistance in which you must go see and find out” – Fringe Benefits.

“Flavella s body strength was impressive, her serpentine finale spectacular” – Rip It Up. Copyright © 29 June 2015 

Flavella L'Amour Miss Burlesque South Australia. Feather Fan Dancer

Classical Burlesque Feather Fan Dance

Suits 1920’s theme, Flavella superbly executes old fashioned striptease in this classical dance with ostrich feathers, tantalizing the viewer with a glimpse of a revealing pearl costume. Graceful flowing movements of her feather fans hides from the viewer a slow removal of her costume.

Awarded Miss Fantastic at the Miss Burlesque Australia Finals. copyright ©  2010

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The Dance of the Seven Veils

Witness an exquisite vintage belly dance performance direct from the golden age of glamour. Flavella L’Amour performs ” Salome “

The Dance of the seven Veils. Delight in the sheer art and fantasy of this feminine and graceful show, suitable for an Arabian themed evening.

As seen on Australia’s Got Talent .Copyright © Nov 24 2014 

snake charmer adelaide

Jungle Serpent Dance performance

 Jungle serpent dance , Flavella L’Amour performs an exotic fusion of African, contemporary and tribal belly dance with her serpents.  Copyright © 10 August 2015 

cabaret show adelaide

Burlesque Serpent Show

Adorned in gold tails, top hat and cane, Flavella struts erotically around the stage, performing cart wheels and backward splits, removing her costume and redressing with her python wrapping and meandering around her body, like the arms of her lover.

“Flavella will push the ceiling higher with a sassy cabaret jazz routine climaxing in her adornment in her trademark pet python, its random wandering across her curves producing a natural snakeskin garment that moved and reacted to her gyrations.” – Absinthe.Copyright © 2010 

Burlesque Diva Doll

Flavella parades and dances in a pink dolls costume performing and fulfilling fetish desires and voyeurs delights with classic burlesque moves and poses one of which is in a seductive reclining position,

sensually removing her six inch high stiletto shoes to slowly peel white stockings off her shapely legs, down her thighs past her calf’s and off her dainty feet, as the sexual tension rises and climaxes.

“Corseted in period costume and parasol like Marie Antoinette, teases wonderfully by appropriately pacing her routine, losing not an inch of kapow in the process, across a soundtrack of 1920’s jazz, modern rock and then swing.” – Absinthe.copyright © March 2011 

peacock-show-girl-1920s burlesque Show

Peacock 1920s style feather fan dance.

The Peacock Proud and majestic,  Divine peacock tail and a 1920s style, burlesque feather fan dance to the mooch  as seen at the Feast festival opening party and the Swing Dog Circus for the Adelaide cabaret festival opening party.  Copywrite © 12 – June – 2016 Flavella L’Amour 

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Classical Belly Dance

Classical Middle Eastern Belly dance, with live Serpents.  From Egyptian drum solos to the serpentine stylization of tribal fusion belly dance. Exotic feminine dance’s suitable for Moroccan themes, Arabian themed evenings, Corporate events, restaurant entertainment and private celebrations.

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Art Deco style Burlesque feather fan dance and serpent dance spectacular as seen on Channel 7 Restaurant Revolution

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Suitable for circus theme events 

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Tribal Fusion Belly Dance