A Dolls House a burlesque Cabaret 

Serpent Dancer at Deja Voodoo in the Garden of Unearthly Delights

Serpent Dancer short sharp slick shows at Deja Voodoo Garden of Unearthly Delights 

Egyptian Goddess Isis Serpent Dance with her golden python " Golden Rubie's " and this is the baby snake

Egyptian Goddess Isis Serpent Dance 

Serpent Queen Flavella L'Amour at Deja Voodoo Garden of Unearthly Delights

Deja Voodoo at the Garden of Unearthly Delights 

Wild Heart Magazine Photography by Jennifer Amos Wagner 

Gin Club serpent dance roving entertainment for Mitsubishi Motors 

peacock-show-girl-1920s burlesque Show

1929s Peacock burlesque show

egyptian show

Wedding entertainment 

snake dance

Young Lawyers ball at the Grand Glenelg 

Serpent Dancer & the She Devil's

Photography by Jennifer Wagner 

Serpent dance roving entertainment at the State Library of SA 

Fun House, Ding Productions

Fun House at the Adelaide Entertainment Centre 

Serpent Dancer & Mudra Bollywood dancers at Adelaide Oval

Serpent dance shows for the Australia Vs India test series at Adelaide Oval 

Juniper Freak Gin Launch Never Never Distilling Co.

Serpent dance burlesque shows for the Juniper Freak Gin Launch 

Serpent Queen at Deja Voodoo,  Garden of Unearthly Delights

Burlesque at Shake it Best of Burlesque Gluttony Fringe 

serpent dancer adelaide

Jungle Fever corporate entertainment at the Jungle restaurant Kent town 


Arabian bellydance serpent dance and roving entertainment for an 18th birthday party. 

Australian Burlesque Festival

Australian Burlesque Festival Magic moon Goddess

serpent dancer

Australia’s Got Talent 


Carousel of Dreams Adelaide Casino 

Dannie Minouge and Flavella L'Amour on Australia's Got Talent

Australia’s Got Talent with Dannie Minogue 

#bellydance #snakedance

Arabian evening belly dance snake show at the Adelaide Festival Centre 

Flavella L'Amour Miss Burlesque South Australia. Feather Fan Dancer

 Miss Burlesque South Australia 2010, Feather Fan Dancer

Flavella L'Amour Belly Dance Serpent Dance at the River Torrens Cafe

Flavella L’Amour Belly Dance Serpent Dance at the River Torrens Cafe

Serpent Dancer featured in Fritz Magazine Fritz Magazine 

A Dolls House Burlesque Cabaret 

Flavella L'Amour Corporate Entertainment

Flavella L’Amour Corporate Entertainment

Serpent Dancer unique Birthday party entertainment

Serpent Dancer, Birthday party entertainment

Wild Circus

Featured in Wild Heart Magazine the Wild Circus edition by Jennifer Wagner 

Serpentdancer Flavella L'Amour at the Clipsal Opening night Party

Serpentdancer Flavella L’Amour at the Clipsal Opening night Party

Serpent Dancer Flavella L'Amour at Carousel Of Dreams Adelaide Casino

Serpent Dancer Flavella L’Amour at Carousel Of Dreams Adelaide Casino

snake charmer adelaide

 Jungle Serpent Dance for the Tiny Tickers Ball at The Entertainment Center

Serpent Dancer Flavella L'Amour at Casablabla

Serpent Dancer Flavella L’Amour at Casablabla